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help getting rid of

help getting rid of brown algae more info in comments aquariums.

my tank is covered

my tank is covered in algae and possibly probably overstocked any.

my first planted nano

my first planted nano tank plan to try to breed the guppies in it.

12 gallon office nano

12 gallon office nano 3 5 years aquariums.

my driftwood cave tank

my driftwood cave tank on fts friday six months in x post from r.

two years of growth

two years of growth on my planted axolotl tank aquariums.

40 gal vietnamese river

40 gal vietnamese river tank aquariums.

should i put a

should i put a snowflake eel in here aquariums.

my 15 gallon tank

my 15 gallon tank 3 on sand and 7 on stones the poor man s.

koitomichi is too big

koitomichi is too big for this 5 gallon tank aquariums.

fish stocking ideas for

fish stocking ideas for a 10 gallon aquariums.

i know it s

i know it s not as pretty as some of the other aquariums on here.

my 10 gallon shrimp

my 10 gallon shrimp tank is finally filled can anyone suggest a.

10 gallon stocking ideas

10 gallon stocking ideas aquariums.

new tank with cloudy

new tank with cloudy water 2 days after setup how do i make it.

75g african cichlid tank

75g african cichlid tank haven t had success with plants should i.

my first aquarium setup

my first aquarium setup 15 gallons thoughts tips advice welcome.

i started with three

i started with three neolamprologus multifasciatus about 20 years.

freshly stocked 20 gallon

freshly stocked 20 gallon long aquariums.

am i overstocked aquariums

am i overstocked aquariums.

i can t seem

i can t seem to get this algae bloom to go away any advice aquariums.

29 gallon tank i

29 gallon tank i m working on beginner aquariums.

need a lid what

need a lid what do you guys recommend aquariums.

need design advice i

need design advice i want to switch out the lava rock what should.

cloudy white slime and

cloudy white slime and white mites in nano tank what is this stuff.

our first aquarium any

our first aquarium any suggestions on real plants that fit the.

iwagumi aquascape for a

iwagumi aquascape for a single betta aquashella aquariums.

my 29 gallon tank

my 29 gallon tank is beginning to get settled and i have to thank.

is this a bacterial

is this a bacterial bloom need advice as it s been like this for.

setting up a simple

setting up a simple anubias tank any suggestions aquariums.

triops longicaudatus on black

triops longicaudatus on black substrate aquariums.

major issues with black

major issues with black hair algae any advice is appreciated.

my 29g planted tank

my 29g planted tank with a bit of an aqua scape aquariums.

gave it the monster

gave it the monster tag because this lil guy needs to be sponsored.

are these otocinclus eggs

are these otocinclus eggs aquariums.

i have a tetra

i have a tetra with a feathery looking growth is this cotton wool.

got this plant for

got this plant for free at my lfs had no id tag and was dying i.

5 goodwill 5 gallon

5 goodwill 5 gallon turned into a dwarf puffer tank aquariums.

what are these little

what are these little white things on the glass they were moving.

fts my 10 gallon

fts my 10 gallon planted betta tank aquariums.

my betta cpd 10

my betta cpd 10 gallon tank just added most of the plants today.

tried to follow some

tried to follow some of the rockscape advice aquariums.

update on 60g aquarium

update on 60g aquarium with garnet river sand pictures can t do it.

my first ever tank

my first ever tank only problem is that the topfin silentstream.

directions on how to

directions on how to get too many guppies in a 10 gallon tank.

can someone help me

can someone help me with sexing these shrimpies i m thinking male.

white cloud minnows look

white cloud minnows look like they re going to pop help aquariums.

what plants can grow

what plants can grow outside of my tank like the bamboo does semi.

swapped to sand two

swapped to sand two days ago still a bit cloudy aquariums.

my 20 gallon long

my 20 gallon long planted tank aquariums.

my 1 gal reef

my 1 gal reef tank aquariums.

zebra danio large blue

zebra danio large blue white mouth what is it aquariums.

finally added fish to

finally added fish to my mbuna tank maybe i should ve cut down on.

fts on the 30

fts on the 30 gallon walstad tank aquariums.

i may have a

i may have a bit of a snail infestation aquariums.

help with opaline gourami

help with opaline gourami he was in a 20 gallon community tank but.

hole in the head

hole in the head and if so would treating with api general cure.

looks like my angel

looks like my angel fish laid eggs what should i do aquariums.

can anyone identify what

can anyone identify what s going on with my cory none of the other.

fts my first reef

fts my first reef tank 2 years later x post r reeftank aquariums.

fts first post my

fts first post my 40b w oranda black moor aquariums.

need help identifying potential

need help identifying potential problem thousands of tiny white.

2 md in my

2 md in my house asian arowana goldencrossback scleropages.

currently cycling this tank

currently cycling this tank and this log has been building up white.

for the curious aqueon

for the curious aqueon ascent 10 gallon is a solid tank for the.

i just got my

i just got my betta fish for my established tank of cory two days.

20 gallon saltwater aquariums

20 gallon saltwater aquariums.

my fish has a

my fish has a sunken belly it must be internal parasite please.

a tiny aquarium for

a tiny aquarium for my tiny bedroom might put some tiny shrimp in.

need a way to

need a way to baffle water filter too powerful for my betta aquariums.

mr phin s new

mr phin s new home upgraded him from a 2 5 gallon to a 5 gallon.

my 20 gallon long

my 20 gallon long star wars fish tank appearance by my betta poe.

day 7 on the

day 7 on the 43l blackwater changed it around a little anubias.

update on my dooa

update on my dooa scape aquariums.

update on my 10g

update on my 10g uns 60s shallow tank aquariums.

3 months into the

3 months into the hobby 55 fallon tank fake plants on the right.

jardini arowana can t

jardini arowana can t stay upright help aquariums.

biofilm algae fungus what

biofilm algae fungus what s growing on my driftwood aquariums.

this is suki should

this is suki should i get her a betta leaf hammock and a ghost.

my desk aquarium aquariums

my desk aquarium aquariums.

turtle tank aquariums

turtle tank aquariums.

help identify weird slime

help identify weird slime covering bottom of my friend s 65g fish.

guppy grass melting help

guppy grass melting help please aquariums.

this is boom my

this is boom my african dwarf frog aquariums.

white hair algae tiny

white hair algae tiny white hairs growing on glass panels id.

he was treated for

he was treated for fin rot labeled as an elephant ear he s a.

bioshock aquarium from r

bioshock aquarium from r gaming aquariums.

pin by jerry davis

pin by jerry davis on jerry s board pinterest aquarium planted.

top fin 5 gallon

top fin 5 gallon glass aquarium spec v top fin 5 gallon glass.

waikīkī aquarium rolls out

waikīkī aquarium rolls out new exhibit honolulu family.

how can i reduce

how can i reduce algae build up in my betta tank aquariums.

goldfish can find a

goldfish can find a new forever home at paris aquarium 600 have.

aquarium hardscape 8011 aquarium

aquarium hardscape 8011 aquarium site.

top fin 5 gallon

top fin 5 gallon glass aquarium spec v top fin 5 gallon glass.

this is how snails

this is how snails eat carrots and celery twistedsifter.

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